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Chimpion is an all in one ecommerce, point of sale, digital wallet with crypto to fiat system. Chimpion’s e-commerce storefronts allow merchants to accept cryptocurrency payments.


Chimpion’s platform combines the features of popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce with the convenience of payment processors like Stripe.

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Chimpion Springboard is a staking platform that connects cryptocurrency enthusiasts with established online businesses.

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Download our wallet to scan and pay with crypto anywhere, track crypto price movement, and browse our directory of online merchant that accept crypto at checkout.

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Welcome to Chimpion

Sell with crypto with an online store

Chimpion is built around the vision of revolutionizing e-commerce through cryptocurrency. At the heart of the project is the Chimpion Token, a utility token that individuals can stake in Chimpion stores to earn rewards, consumers can spend to purchase products from select online stores, and merchants can use to gain access to the Chimpion e-commerce platform.

The latest initiative of the Chimpion ecosystem, Chimpion Springboard is a staking platform that enables individuals to stake their Chimpion Tokens into profitable e-commerce businesses. These businesses are given access to our crypto e-commerce platform and premium services. Following the vesting period, those who have staked the store can withdraw their Chimpion Tokens and keep the additional rewards they have collected. It’s a win-win scenario that increases the utility of the token and puts rewards in the hands of the Chimpion community.

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Participate in our Launch

IEO Early Birds Chimpion Token is trading on Mercatox and Crex24, but many Chimpion Tokens remain unsold. On May 10, 2019, we will be listing 10 million additional Chimpion tokens for sale on Mercatox at a price of $0.02.


Visit MERCATOX:BTC/BNANA during this token sale to be first in line for Chimpion Springboard.

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Merchant Online Stores

Mahone's Wallpaper Shop

“For nearly 50 years, Mahone's has been Lynchburg's go-to store for fine wallpaper and home decor products. Now, we're ready to go global. Thanks to our partnership with Chimpion, we will be accepting payments in seven of the top cryptocurrencies. We're excited about this because it gives our customers more flexibility and makes online payments much faster and easier for us.”

BCD Bazaar

“BCDBazaar is one of the first Ecommerce stores in the world to exclusively accept cryptocurrency. This was only possible because of our collaboration with Chimpion and their revolutionary Ecommerce technology. We are glad to be partners with them as we work towards our shared goal of empowering traditional merchants through cryptocurrency.”

Mark's Jewelers

“We're very excited to work with Chimpion and begin accepting cryptocurrency payments from our customers around the world. This will allow us to make our fine jewelry available to the global market while paying lower fees and avoiding chargebacks. Marks has long been known for our meticulous craftsmanship and curated selection, and we are thrilled to open our store to the world.”

New Parts

“NewParts is committed to making our massive inventory of auto parts as accessible as possible to our customers. That's why we decided, through our partnership with Chimpion, to allow our customers to pay with cryptocurrency -- it opens up our business to international markets and lets us accept and process transactions more quickly and affordably.”

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